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Considering replacing the siding on your home?

The most common types of old siding being replaced are wood and aluminum.  Replacing either of these styles of siding can greatly improve the value of your home and also limit or eliminate the exterior maintenance you are doing to maintain them now. 

The most common reason for replacing siding is LOOKS.  That's right it is actually homeowners just wanting to improve the way their home appears in the neighborhood.  In fact the old "keeping up with the Benjamins" is a prime reason to replace that old aluminum siding.  It seems to go in waves in neighborhoods, someone decides to update the look of their home and it causes a reaction of people in the area thinking they need to to.

siding research guidesOther reasons to install siding

Do you HATE painting your home?  Whether you have old wood siding you have been scraping and painting for years or you have simply painted over that old white aluminum siding it can all come to an end by installing new.  There are vinyl and alternative products on the market now that make all that a thing of the past.  Simulating the look of real cedar wood, shakes scallops even stone and brick are possibilities of new age siding products.

Want to do it yourself? well you certainly can just look at our install guides and good luck with a little hard work and learning along the way you'll have a great looking home in no time.


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